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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Best Chaiwala "CHAI POINT"


My dear friend i really surprised when i read this news and i thought why not share with the my followers so that you also enjoy the chai at chai point.

Here is the full story of chai point for more detail you can check the website and enjoy the chai from chai point as they are giving you the option of home delivery.

Below i am explaining actually my view about the is great business that dude what is this how a business student make this happen bro it happens in India only and great India.

"Bangalore: He graduated from Harvard Business School. And he proves he’s worth that tag. Amuleek Singh Bijral runs a tea stall in Basavanagudi, the hub of south Indian filter coffee fans, and is still making a profit. 

Chai Point

Woow friend isn't great one of top business school Harverd Business School student Mr Amuleek Singh started one of that business which is not thinkable by anybody that this can be take a portrait as business making money by the selling "chai" at chai point

"Amuleek was among the ‘unconventional entrepreneurs’ who spoke to students from the IIM and other top B-schools as part of the Eximius 2011 meet of entrepreneurs. "

Friend i don't know about the you but i am really feel very enthusiastic about the entrepreneurship i just write one of another blog Entrepreneurship Vs Job Seekers  in this i really write some of facts about the business school who should care about those criteria please read that blog i appreciate you and write some good comment also.

"Amuleek, the founder and CEO of Mountain Trail Foods Ltd, disagrees with people who call him unconventional. “There are thousands of chai wallahs in this country and I’m just one of them. ” 

And in my opinion this is the spirit of business which can be grab to you from anywhere to everywhere and you don't understand the what actually happened with you.Because this called "Joonoon" and that will power make you successful woow great Amuleek.

"Amuleek’s Chai Point now has 10 outlets in the city. He claims he had a thought of doing business in tea. Chai is a global phenomenon. Everywhere I could see people cribbing aboutnot getting good tea. I wanted to do a scalable business and one that had a big market. Chai provided both,” he said.

Hope you enjoy the chai at chai point because i think this is good initiative toward the groeth og samll business and chai also at chai point.

So bro what you think please grab your power start gives the wings your dream and make some good entrepreneur to make successful this country in the context of chai point. 


Chandan Singh
The Online Marketer

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