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Saturday, 13 August 2011



Readers of this blog today I give you all, “Best solution for Surrogate Mother” in India. Because Banglore now turns into “SURROGACY HUB” after completing so many successful year of “IT HUB”.

A package by Surrogacy Abroad. Inc, involving air travel, accommodation, finding a surrogate mother,IVF and delivery for the couple costs $40000 to $45000.

They travel borders in search of baby, an heir. This may be romantic, but it is also a marvel. The surrogacy industry in India is already a favorite among US and UK and Bangalore is slowly finding itself a preferred destination.

A surrogate mother is a woman who carries a fetus for a couple when the women cannot bear a child. After the baby is born, the surrogate mothers it over the couple who hire her.
Indian Surrogate Mother

Indian surrogate mothers come at one third of the cost compared to the US. Besides, advanced medical facilities and salubrious climate favor Bangalore.

If medical tourism market in India is worth $10 billion, and almost $500 million comes from surrogacy cases.

"Partial surrogacy: When only the sperm is injected into the uterus of the surrogate mother and naturally fertilize with her leukocytes."

"Complete surrogacy: When an embryo developed with the sperms and egg of the couple is transferred to the surrogate mother’s womb."

Megha Sulochana the Banglore co – ordinator for Surrogacy Abroad.Inc.

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