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Thursday, 19 September 2013

#hashtags how to use them

What is #Hashtags?

Like above and more other question coming into your mind after the heard about the #hashtags. No problem my friend these are very good question if coming into your mind after hearing about the #hashtags.

Meaning of #Hashtags!

#Hashtags actually used but the any blogger or online marketer to categorize his posts on Twitter and now also Facebook allow this feature. And Online marketer now categorize his posts in the Facebook also using #hashtags according to topics. To add a #hashtag to a tweet or Facebook Status you just add symbol # with the you twit or status and this will help to connect all the other people also who isnot in your circle and not got connected by the you.Who use#hashtags before the status that person on facebook and twitter more searchable than other due to this #hashtags.This is the power of #hashtags if you really want to know more about the #hashtags just go through the below video and understand the power of #hashtags

How we use #Hashtags in Facebook,Twitter and Pinterest Marketing?

So friend and follower have you understand that how useful is the #hashtags. If you want to write a blog like me and want to know more interesting blog like this please fill your best mail id below

Hope you enjoy this post and understand use of #hastags if you have any question or comment please give me some comment i will appreciate you for this action.
Chandan Singh


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