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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Journey from Dehradun to Ghaziabad via Meerut in the diabetic specialist clinic

Dr Pankaj Agarwal diabetic specialist

Hi today I want to share my experience my journey from Dehradun to Ghaziabad via Meerut by Busfor the appointment with Dr Pankaj Agarwal diabetic specialist.Actually my car having accident and i sent the car at workshop for the repair.
Today is Tuesday 2nd July 2013 we just started my journey by the Uttarakhand Transport Corporation towards Meerut.Actually I traveled to Meerut due to my appointment on 3rd July 2013 with Dr Pankaj Agarwal diabetic specialist at SB 5 Shastri Nagar,Near Sant Mary School, Gaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Dr Pankaj Agarwal is a diabetic specialist as well as obesity, menstrual irregularities, and infertility, thyroid and growth disorders specialist and my younger daughter having diabetic problem that is why I am going to Dr Pankaj Agarwal clinic for my daughter treatment. Now you thinking that how a 4 year old girl having diabetic but this is long discussion I will post that later in this blog so that you also aware that how you can point out the diabetic problem some of the basic symptoms you should check regularly because now the diabetic infected children also.

Now I am writing this blog further my journey from Dehradun to Ghaziabad via Meerut after boarding the Uttaranchal Transport Bus we got the seat and bus running towards the Meerut.
After five minutes my little daughter asking for my tablet (mini computer) she want to listen song in this and she want to do drawing also in this but because bus running through mountain that is why I denied her for tablet (mini computer). But my daughter asking me again and again about the tablet and finally I give it to Kinjal. But still I feel that I should took back that tablet from her because bus running in Zigzag way and finally I also told her “Kinjal give it to me back” but she denied again. In this debate we reached at Mohand and we completed our first phase of journey. In the Mohand we feeling little hot because we come down from the mountain after Mohand we reached at Biharigarh here we buy “pakori” Biharigarh famous for it.
After Biharigarh we reached Chutmalpur than Bhagwanpur and than Roorkee here we enjoy the ice cream and some snacks but here we wait more than usual time due to some technical problem in the bus but finally bus leave from Roorkee towardsMeerut and than bus reached at Muzzafarnagar.
“Dehradun – Mohand – Biharigarh – Chutmalpur – Bhagwanpur – Roorkee – Muzzafernagar”
Muzzafarnagar not a stoppage because driver passed bus via bypass and here is not any authorized bus stop but little far from Muzzafarnagar is Mansurpur, driver stopped bus here and shifted all the passenger to new bus due to technical problem in the bus. After one hour from Mansurpur we reached Meerut at 12.03 pm and after one day rest we traveled towards Gaziabad to Dr Pankaj Agarwal diabetic specialist by the my brother in law four wheeler.
If you feel any question about this blog just asked me any time at +918755144102
“ Muzzafernagar – Mansurpur – Khatauli – Daurla – Meerut”
At last we completed our journey from Dehradun to Ghaziabad via Meerut for Dr Pankaj Agarwal diabetic specialist appointment
Chandan Singh

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