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Friday, 27 September 2013

My Dream - Grow Indian Tourism

My dream business in Tourism Industry

Dear Friend I want to start a tourist company which will provide special tours packages to grow my business in tourism field like….
…Rural Area Tours
…Cycling Tours (Dehradunbycycle tours)
…My friend you know about the Cycling tours like and best example for the Cycling tours in Indian Tourism field …

It will be OK …for you also but I want to start basically Rural Area Tours to grow our rural tourism.
Basically this company will provide you the unique tours to related Rural Area of India..
Rural Area Tours means you can feel the touch of Indian Rural Culture in the Indian style you go for tours and enjoy….
We provide the tourist to do farming in the Farmer real field and enjoy a lifetime experience with this type of tours you can experience the how wheat and rice grow in the field and sugarcane how grow by the farmer… this is the basic idea behind Grow Indian Tourism in different manner.
So many other works related to the farming you can feel in this tour which will make you more excited and you feel free from tension and work load…Ok my dear friends tell me now how many people live without an AC, Transport without car or move around the without your cell phone and laptop… we will make you very relax from the daily routine and fast life this will be great experience. And this will help to grow the Indian Tourism industry by the new thinking also.

Here in these tours you can enjoy that feeling also that how you can be if you’re AC, Transport, Cell phone and Laptop …missing somewhere …since we eat rice, wheat and vegetables on daily basis, in this tour people can learn how to cultivate it …this will be very memorable experience for the tourist.
Here is the some reason why should everyone go for it:
..This tour will be stress buster for you
.. You can feel and touch to the your roots
.. You feel closer to the nature
.. You learn lot of new skills and idea to grow in you field
.. Makes you realize that to be truly happy only the basics food, water, cloth and shelter are all you need
You get rid off with office politics and competition….

Chandan Singh
“Team Rising Star”

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