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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

What is the Microsoft XP migration


Hey my dear all friend and not my friend you also understand that what is this Microsoft XP MIGRATION?
I don’t know you about this or not but if you please clear me also in addition in my comment section…as on today newspaper I just read that…..
“A report by data analysis major International Data 
Corporation (IDC) titled The Risks of Staying with XP – The 
Financial and Business Imperative says with the looming end-of-
support deadline for Windows XP.”

So my dear friend if you and your any organization used Windows XP than you please migrate the Windows XP with the other OS platform of Windows like Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Microsoft XP was launched October 25 2001 and Microsoft already stopped retail sales were in 2008 and company announced in the year 2010 that Microsoft will stopped extended support for XP would end on April 8, 2014…
My dear all follower I am just want to inform you that you should migrate your OS Windows XP with the other Windows OS before the time run here I will disclose you that what is reason behind to migrate Windows XP with the other Windows OS like vista, 7 and 8…
As per advertisement into Indian Express here is the reason why should we have to Migrate:
1. Security Risks are the key driver for switching to newer version of Windows. The IDC report also says Sony suffered massive data breaches on the PlayStation Network in 2011 due to outdated software.
So we have migrate the Windows XP to the other OS due to security reason here is in the News paper I read second reason is
2. In India as many as 60 percent of financial firms use Windows XP. They run the risk of losing sensitive data once Microsoft Stops supporting the operating system. They will also fail to meet RBI guidelines on security since the OS will be vulnerable, Microsoft says.
Second reason is the major reason to migrate Microsoft XP to other OS of Microsoft as per Microsoft some financial organization using still Microsoft XP and due to this Financial Organization will lose there sensitive and important information if they are not migrated after time gone and Microsoft stops the releasing security updates.

Here are some more facts to understand to migrate the Windows XP
1. Windows XP having 84 attacks of viruses and other every month while on the Windows 7 only 67 attacks
2. Windows XP solve this persisted problem after 242 minutes while Windows 7 solve this problem within 24 minutes
3. Windows XP making 6 reboots per month while Windows 7 only 1 reboots
4. Windows XP taking much more time to reboots instead of Windows 7
Cost factor to migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7 and 8
“Per user cost of upgrading to windows 7 or 8 is only Rs 5125 three 
year OS license while this cost with the using Windows XP is 
Rs 15000 per year”
My dear friend I just read that ……
Studies suggest that Windows XP still accounts for 
approximately 40 percent of installed desktops in 
the UK –
So before the time run out my all dear reader just migrate you Microsoft XP with the Microsoft 7 or 8
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Chandan singh

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