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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Share Trading with Facebook Apps

Use Facebook Apps for Share Trading in India

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Isn’t amazing my dear now various brokers are gearing up to launch Facebook apps that will allow their clients share Trading with their Facebook Account also using this Facebook apps.

Woow!! it awesome now …my dear fiend you can do Share Trading by the your Facebook profile….

Facebook apps that will allow clients to execute stock trades on the 
BSE platform from the familiar comfort of their Facebook accounts.” 
- Economic Times
As per Economic Times, Geojit BNP Paribas will be going to launch such a stock trading app within this week….Geojit BNP Paribas good brokerage firm which is Kerala based.
At least 10 more stock brokers are in the process of launching similar custom Facebook apps allowing their clients to trade via Facebook, BSE Chief Executive and MD Ashish Chauhan said. CJ George, MD of Geojit BNP Paribas, said
 "Facebook is the perfect platform to attract young investors and to educate them on stock markets." -Economic Times
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Stocks as an investment class can capture the 
imagination of younger investors if social media 
is harnessed well, brokers believe. 
Social media also naturally facilitates free 
flow of information and can sustain interest in 
the asset class. "FB integration gives both amateur 
and expert traders similar ability to 'like' a 
stock and thereby stay tuned on its latest 
developments, as well as to see which stocks your 
friends 'like'," George added. 
As the trade-where-you-want when-you-want fad 
catches up, apps in the US are already offering 
real-time stock quotes, charts, community 
discussions and trading on Facebook.- Economic Times
As per Economic Times my dear friend India has the 
largest base of Facebook users outside the US with 
over 43.5 million accounts.
Facebook also has a 53% share of the country's 
online population, according to Socialbakers, which
collects a wide range of social media statistics.
- Economic Times
As per above all the discussion and detail you can understand my dear fellow marketer that how the internet world growing and in this how the Facebook going to inner in the share trading also by the launching Facebook apps by the stock trading firms.
Chandan Singh
Team Rising Star

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